Eerie reports of UFOs have landed on the desk of The Britannica Junior Detectives. While small-town teen sleuth Mary-Sue wants to believe, her partner and best friend Danny is skeptical. She investigates anyway, meeting a mysterious teen rebel who draws her into the weird world of paranormal conspiracies.


This fun, warm, and gripping love-letter to YA amateur detectives like Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys reads like a cozy, 1950s riff on The X-Files.


Danny, meanwhile, is far more concerned with his new crush, a cynical beatnik girl who claims that the world is about to end. Plus, he’s stumbled upon a mystery of his own—a bizarre and terrifying atomic experiment in his father’s laboratory. Could his own father somehow be responsible for the unexplained sightings?

Things only get stranger when a group of amateur radio enthusiasts pick up unusual signals they say originate on Mars, and a federal agent claiming to be from the FBI shows up and starts asking questions about something strange lurking out in the swamp. What is happening in the sleepy little town of Bonnifield?

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Gregory R.E. Gallagher is an author and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He cut his literary teeth writing and producing audio plays for small-town community radio, such as the hard-boiled mystery series Truth... Over the Airwaves! and the pulpy sci-fi homage The Frequency of Fear.


He focuses on writing young adult lit with a keen eye for nostalgic pastiche. His first brush with kid-detectives was in the pages of Encyclopedia Brown, followed by all those meddling kids in Nancy DrewThe Hardy Boys, and Scooby-Doo Where Are You?

When he’s not solving mysteries, Gregory watches too many cult horror movies, collects conspiracy theory and flying saucer ephemera, and writes screenplays, radio dramas, and sketch comedy.


If you'd like to get in contact with Gregory for any reason, including literary inquiries, questions about The Secret of the Summer Sweetheart, or just to let him know that you enjoyed the book, please use the contact form below:

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